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Microsofts support and updates for Windows 10 ends on 14 October 2025. Some PC's incorrectly report they will not run Windows 11 when they will. Please call for more info or bring your PC in for a free check.

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We offer a complete range of services to help you regardless of your computing needs. From setting up an email account to installing business networks we offer many services which can be tailored to your exact needs.

If you require a service that is not mentioned, please ask.

PC Repairs Laptop Repairs

Repairs (Click Here to see our What to bring section below)

We repair all PC & Laptop faults and perform routine maintenance to keep your computer running optimally. All our repairs are completed in our onsite workshop by our experienced engineers using methods which cause the minimum disruption to the user and retain your precious data. Your data is our primary concern; we understand the importance of your data and how irreplaceable it can be!

Fact The only reason for losing data is due to hard drive failure. However, in the majority of cases your data can be recovered at a reasonable cost.

Routine maintenance

Just like a car, a computer needs routine maintenance, which is usually noticeable by your computer slowing down. Over time your computer clogs up with residual files and poor housekeeping which prevent it from running optimally. We provide a full clean-up and health check service to keep your computer running flawlessly. Failure to relieve the strain off your computer can lead to a failed hard drive and data loss. Beware of the many internet based adverts and malwares out there which claim you have hundreds of faults and pop up telling you that you need to purchase their product because these can cause more harm than good.

Malwares (Including Viruses, Spyware, Adware and Ransomware)

Not all malicious software that infect computers are viruses! We can remove all types of malware from your system, saving your data, generally without a full system reinstall. Please be aware of online frauds - Click Here to visit our safety centre for further details.

  • Viruses are intended to cause damage to your computers software or data and prevent it from operating normally.
  • Spyware is designed to capture information about you, how you use your computer or even financial details which can be used for hijacking online accounts, email accounts, bank accounts or even identity fraud.
  • Adwares range from pop-up adverts to scaring the user into believing there are serious problems with their computer and tricking them into purchasing their software. As these are often criminal activities do not use your credit/debit card as your details could be put at serious risk.
  • Ransomware is software that locks your computer or your files and demands a payment to be sent to release the lock. Again this is a criminal activity and there is no guarantee that they will unlock your computer if you pay and again your card details could be put at risk. Your data can be saved and the malware removed, however it is impossible to recover your data in the rare case that your system is infected with Cryptolocker, a severe malware that securely encrypts your data with keys only the criminals possess.

  • PC & Laptop Faults

    There are many faults that can develop on PC's and laptops, which can be caused by either software or hardware (the physical parts of your computer).

    Software faults occur within Windows or your programs and can cause errors such as pop-up windows, errors, blue screens, no access to the internet or even boot failure (your computer not starting up properly). Sometimes software can become corrupted by a hardware fault and this has to be diagnosed and repaired to prevent further corruptions and faults from re-occurring.

    Hardware faults are faults with the physical parts inside your PC and can cause your computer to not power on, bleep abnormally, suddenly power off, freeze, blue screen or corrupt your data.

    Laptop specific faults

    As laptops are portable they are susceptible to more damage and require prompt maintenance in the event of a fault. If your laptop is failing to charge, powering off or freezing; your laptop needs servicing urgently otherwise this can lead to expensive damage to your laptops motherboard. If a laptop is ever dropped the hard drive requires testing as it could have sustained damage which could cause it to fail and result in data loss.

    Laptop screen faults

    We can economically repair all screen faults including cracked screens, faulty screens, lines down or across the screen, dead / stuck pixels, dim & flickering screens, failed inverters and cables.

    Please inform us if your laptop has been dropped as we check the hard drive prior to the replacement of the screen to eliminate the need to have future repairs or data loss.

    Operating System (Windows) Reinstall

    Complete system reinstalls (which return to an out of the box state) are generally done as a last resort as all the users programs will need to be reinstalled afterwards. Some customers prefer this "fresh start". All data (such as documents, photos, music, videos) will be backed up and restored after the procedure if required.

    Fact Re-installing / Restoring Windows does not mean losing your data if done correctly.

    What do I need to bring when I need a repair?

  • Desktops: You only need to bring the tower if you have a conventional tower. If you have a Ultra Small Desktop please also bring its power adapter (if external to the PC). We do not need the monitor, cables, keyboard or mouse unless you suspect that they could be at fault.
  • Laptops: Please bring your laptop and power adapter.
  • Software installation: If you require us to install or reinstall any software we require the software CDs and licensing codes which came with the software you purchased. The software must not be in use on any other machines unless it is a multi-user license which must have a spare license available. Please note some software may only install if we have the device (eg Printer) is connected to your PC, please ask for details.

  • Upgrades


    Most PCs and Laptops are upgradable, we are specialists at making your computer faster, store more, do more at once, play games better and add missing / more up-to-date connections such as USB 3.0, HDMI etc. The cost of upgrading a computer can be far cheaper than replacing it, please pop in with your machine and we can advise on the possible options.

    Installation & Setup

    Installation & Setup

    If you are upgrading to a new PC we can transfer all your data from your old PC, and install any software you require.

    We can set up your new computer and networking so you can get the most out of the equipment you have around your home. We can setup your PCs, Smart TV, Smart DVD / PVR, Hi-Fi, Mobile phone, Tablet, Printer etc to all talk to each other, share data and teach you how to use the advanced but very useful features. You can now print wirelessly from your laptop, phone or tablet, watch videos and photos from your PC, phone or tablet on your big screen TV (often wirelessly), Play music from your PC through your Hi-FI etc (compatible hardware required).



    We can build or expand your home or business network to your exact requirements.

    Home: From a basic home network to a fully connected home with streaming throughout and even a server to share and secure your families photos, music, videos, films and backup all your PCs for easy recovery should they break or get stolen.

    Business: We can supply, install and setup small and medium sized business networks and PC Systems.

    Smart Home & AV Integration

    Smart Home & AV Integration & Setup

    We can Install Smart Home devices including Smart Screens, Smart Speakers, Smart Lighting, Smart Thermostats and streamers which are controlled using either Google Home "OK Google" or Amazon Echo "Alexa". We can integrate your smart home and computers with your Audio Visual systems to allow access to your existing music, videos and photos collections and/or online streaming services throughout your home, and if required with full internet and email access. We can custom build tiny media centre / gaming PCs to fit your TV stand or to hide away or even a full DLNA home media server which can stream your videos, music and photos around your home to your big screen TVs, Hi-Fi & surround sounds systems etc. Your entire collection can be at your fingertips without the need to find & swap DVDs or CDs, never searching for a lost disk or those tracks you know you have on a CD somewhere all from the comfort of your armchair. With the latest 4k and high resolution audio formats you no longer have to settle for the loss of quality such as is suffered with lossy compressions such as MP3s.

    Data Recovery

    Data & Recovery

    We are specialists in Data Recovery, if you have lost data by accidental deletion, following a poor repair elsewhere or a failed hard drive please turn off your computer and call us with urgency.

    Small Business Services

    Small Business Services

    We offer a range of services for small businesses including renewal of PCs and installation of peripherals & software, disposal of end of life systems, site surveys, inventories, health checks, backup solutions, repairs, upgrades, network installation, maintenance & diagnostics. Please call us to discuss your exact requirements

    Safe Disposal Safe Disposal

    Safe Computer Disposal (WEEE)

    During its life your computer holds lots of personal information that needs to be correctly wiped dependent on the sensitivity of the data it has been used for and how your computer is going to be reused or disposed. We offer services to prepare your computer for its new owner or disposal, we can also transfer your data to your new computer or a backup drive if required.

    If your computer is going to a family member or someone you know and trust then deleting your files and programs and creating a new user account may be sufficient.

    If your computer is being sold to a stranger or scrapped you need to ensure your data cannot be recovered and fall into the wrong hands so a secure wipe is required to prevent your data from being recovered.

    Business computers usually contain sensitive client details and require ultra secure wiping prior to their disposal.

    We recycle most computers in compliance with the WEEE directive, we may be able to purchase newer PCs and laptops, please ask us for further details.